Thursday, 12 January 2012

Project Venus

Two posts in one day? Have I nothing better to do???  Yes, but I'm gearing up for brew day at the next Project Venus brew event at Prospect Brewery on Saturday. It'll be 4am start to get there at a reasonable time, but as my husband pointed out, he sets off at that time every Monday so I should stop complaining :) This time we have a Molson Coors Brewster coming in with us!  As you an imagine the jokes have been flying 'watch she doesn't put any pink colouring in' 'Oh, are you making lager this time?'  etc etc.  Luckily, said Brewster has a sense of humour and is looking forward to seeing what us small brewers are all about... she may find the hop aroma a little overpowering however.  Note to self, make sure face mask is available for her personal use,and that she is positioned near a window ;)

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