Thursday, 12 January 2012

The First Post!

Well, here we go, my first foray in to the world of blogging.  Seeing as I like brewing and also like talking and key tapping a blog about me brewing seems the right thing to do!  

I thought I'd start now as we are on the verge of relocating the brewery to a larger place in Llanidloes.  Known as the town of ageing hippies by some, it is one of the most fabulous places I have ever been to, and the main reason for our move to this part of the world 6 years ago.  We'll be able to pop to the veggie cafe (its actual name is The Great Oak Cafe but it's veggie and it's a cafe!)  for our lunch and pop in to the pub after work.... life is indeed looking up! We will also have use of a fork lift which is going to make life a lot easier, especially as we will also have a lovely shiny metal mezzanine floor :)  
We also have a very nice little brick 'shed' on the side of the unit which will perfect for a bijou flatlet for Hemp the collie.  He will be able to accompany me to work every day now instead of staying at home in the porch where he can rip open bags full of ash from the fire waiting to be taken to the garden...... yes, a very big mess.

Over a period of time we will be building a bigger plant.  Not long after starting this brewing lark it dawned on me that in reality, it takes the same amount of time and effort whether you're brewing 18 casks worth or 60 casks worth of beer, and as we can't keep up with demand most of the time we clearly need bigger vessels.  All in good time dear....

Well, enough for today, sun is out so off to wash some casks !

Sue the Brew

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