Monday, 16 January 2012

Project Venus Brew Day number 4!

Another early start for me on Saturday as I was trekking off to the 4th Project Venus brew day at Prospect Brewery.  It was horrible and foggy most of the way so I was glad to get there in time for a strong cup of tea and a bacon sarnie :) Throughout the morning more and more brewsters arrived until we were up to around 15..... the most so far. We had 3 from Zero degrees and also Tracy from Molson Coors.   

Talking to Tracy about her experiences at Coors (and previously Robinsons) was fascinating and I could only imagine how different it must have seemed to her brewing in such a small brewery by comparison.  The Zero degrees girlies really enjoyed the whole process (including the beer drinking!) and learnt a lot about the use of whole hops as opposed to pellets, their brewing is done using a centrifugal thingamy jig.



At lunchtime we congregated in the brewery bar for homemade soup whilst Romy had to go and warm her feet up on the copper (it was a tad chilly).

Cold feet!

The bar is inside the brewery so that you can see what's going on whilst sitting on a bar stool or sofa, or indeed playing the piano (!) and supping a pint.  The bar opens up on Friday nights for people on their way home and does a roaring trade. The Friday before the brew day it was absolutely packed and you had to fight your way in the door!


The brew itself went swimmingly..... no there's no joke in that, there really were no disasters.... and we were finished by 5.00pm. We now await release day for the casks of Venus Gold, a lovely fresh golden hoppy session beer.

Patsy who owns Prospect Brewery is one of the nicest people I've ever met!  We've known each other a while now and her generosity and kindness knows no bounds! We all had such a great day and met so many lovely people and I can't wait for the next one which is going to be at Zero Degrees in Reading.  :)

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