Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Rant Over, Now To Our Opening/Birthday!

Moving swiftly on......  On Saturday we had our new unit official opening and 3rd birthday celebrations!  Yay!  Had some great people turn up including our good friend Buster from Brecon Brewing and much merriment was had by all.

We had a couple of AMs (political types don't you know) and lots of lovely locals.  Nothing but good feedback for the new branding and the bar looked splendid!   Beers all went well, think First of the Summer Waen was narrowly the favourite on the day.

The Llager was also a big hit.  It will be on at The Royal Oak in Welshpool but they are having to wait for the next batch as we, well, sort of used it all before giving them any...  they are willing to wait though, and they'll have a super duper lager tap for it so's you can all spot it immediately on the bar. In the meantime they'll have to make do with having just our fabulous ales!

The band 'The Klezmonauts' were (were, was?  Who knows?  Who cares?), as ever, fab.  Great sunny day music, and they played all afternoon.  The kids all had fun, and so did we :)

Lastly, I feel I have to mention that Paul, who works for us made some fab bread from BB Stout spent yeast, and a veggie chilli.  I made a meat chilli which personally I think was better.  However, I have to take on board the views of our customers and I did get a lot of people coming in to tell me how fantastic the bread and veggie chilli was, and it did run out before mine.....

Hold on though, I was inside serving beer, Paul was outside serving the chilli and bread.....


Photos to follow :)


  1. It was indeed a great day out. Superb beer, fantastic VEGGIE chilli and the bread was wonderful. The music was absolutely right for the occasion. Thanks to all of you for putting on such a special day.

  2. i love veggie chilli, i would have definitely gone back for more