Monday, 13 February 2012

Whilst waiting for electrics thought I'd discuss the 'C' word

Yes we are STILL waiting for an electrician. Having been promised and let down by two I'm starting again.... ho hum, at this rate I'll have no beers for the SIBA competition in May... but I digress, today's blog is on a more serious matter.

The 'C' word (I won't actually say it in case I lose some loyal followers) is a word that has changed over the years for me.  And I'm troubled.  When I was a teenager it was a word that I would never use.  Though I am a bit sweary at times, I used to detest the word and found it totally abhorrent. When I first met John back in 1988 it was rarely uttered and he took particular delight in watching my reaction if someone made the mistake of mentioning it in my presence...  but slowly, over the years it crept in to my vocabulary, but saved for the people/moments that produced the most serious anger and frustration in me (also inanimate objects) and thus providing me with the ultimate anger venting tool.

However, over the years this word has become more freely used and has lost its edge on the competition.  It subtly slipped its self into my vocabulary and has been used by myself, with pleasure, for many years. When emptying the mash tun for instance, it is the perfect choice for the shovel, as I catch it on my shin. Also readily used for the copper as I bang my head whilst emptying it of hops. In turn, this has meant I have no way of ridding myself of the pent up anger and irritation that idiotic people and situations seem destined to create, because it no longer has any real punch. In fact I use it in moments of minor irritation and sometimes almost absent mindedly.

Oddly, over the same said years, no word has ever leapt in to take its place.  It seems to have always been the king of the swear words, and as far as I can see there is no other in line for the throne, which makes my day a bitter and angry one at times, so please could I have some suggestions....... perhaps before I 'phone the next electrician? X  


  1. How about Electrician? Love a good swear I do!

  2. I thought this was going to be a post about CAMRA!

  3. Sat in the pub last night with some friends discussing a very similar topic. Driven by the fact that we all have kids and feel inadequate alongside their skill in creative cussing we find ourselves using other, less obviously profane, adjectives. Gusset was a popular choice.